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DoCoMo announced six summer 3G handsets, including ‘7-Series’ models from US maker Motorola, Sharp, NEC, Panasonic and Mitsubishi at a flashy press event in central Tokyo. The models include designer phones by noted Japanese designers. ; 3G; Japan; cellphone; docomo; mobile; HTC was setup in DoCoMo’s booth with their new Windows Mobile smartphone on display. We took a test-drive with Monica Chiang from HTC’s global division. Targeted at the Japanese corporate market the unit is to go on sale end of July. ; 3G; Japan; cellphone; docomo; mobile; The Visto corporate mobile solution is the only true push-mail application in Japan. WWJ met with Darren McKellin to talk about the service and see it in action on Nokia’s E-61 smartphone.; 3G; Japan; Vodafone; cellphone; mobile; nokia; WWJ video is full of gorgeous, uhm.. mobiles. DoCoMo has introduced their new 701i models using… models. The 701i-series is sexed-up with the carrier’s new ‘i-Channel’ push service and two hybrid FlashCast enabled designer handsets.; 3G; Japan; cellphone; docomo; flash; mobile; Qualcomm’s MediaFlo was on-hand at this year’s event with live demos of their TV broadcast system. We spoke with Ali Zamiri, int’l. business development manager, about the product and their roadmap for rollout in the US and Japan. ; 1seg; Japan; cellphone; digital tv; mobile; This CEATEC trade-show video round-up features audio QR, Fujitsu’s ‘UB Wall’ – an ultra-high-tech, one-to-one customized video advertising display – and FP codes, and – not to be missed – NTT DoCoMo’s 3G mobile-based ‘Drunk Driver’ detector..!!; 3G; Japan; cellphone; docomo; mobile; A quick tour from the tradeshow floor includes a peak at the Walkman phone and Sharp’s new Smartphone for Willcom. We have interviews with HTC and Qualcomm (MediaFlo) coming soon.; 3G; Japan; cellphone; mobile; DCMX is a logical progression of the carrier’s popular ‘o-saifu keitai’ (wallet phone) IC-chip handsets that store value onboard for small, daily purchases. Is it a phone that can buy stuff or a credit card that can make calls? ; Japan; cellphone; credit card; docomo; mobile; NHK and five commercial TV broadcasters held a splashy launch party in Tokyo announcing the official start of terrestrial ‘One-Seg’ broadcast services. WWJ has been covering this story since spring 2004, watch this hands-on demo.; 1seg; 3G; Japan; cellphone; digital tv; docomo; mobile; http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid203712192http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=147122243

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